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A teamwork-oriented family business responsive to your needs.

A CPA firm for Condominiums and Homeowners’ Associations.

Your trusted real estate accounting firm based in Central Florida.

True Passion

In 2004, Ivan and his wife Nori founded iRO & CO., CPA, PSC in Puerto Rico, where they started with the development of their private practice in accounting, taxes and auditing. In 2012, Ivan and Nori, decided to settle in Florida and established a new entity under the name of iRO CPA, LLC (iRO CPA), to serve clients from Puerto Rico in the construction industry who had relocated their operations to Florida. In addition, since its early days, iRO CPA provided its services to other customers in Florida in the fields of manufacturing and homeowners associations, among others. Currently, both firms continue to offer services in Florida and Puerto Rico.

Although iRO CPA serves various markets and industries, it is mainly focused on providing services to the following industries: Condos and Townhouses, HOA’s and CIRA's, developers, contractors, and non-profit entities. During his professional career, CPA Ramos has been in charge of over 100 audits engagements in those specific industries.

Our practice is small in overhead but vast in experience and resources. The firm is located in the area of Winter Garden in Central Florida and the operation of the firm is characterized by the active participation of its owners in all the audit work carried out in the firm. Our team has been working together with a unique affinity and style that offers only superior results to clients. This team is proven on complex assignments where good planning and coordination is required. It has the necessary expertise to handle the work to be performed, as well as meeting the corresponding due dates. Equally important, we provide our services within a reasonable cost structure. Let us provide you with assistance, representation and consultancy, while keeping track of your business or association’s financials with accuracy and efficiency so that you can focus on your business or entity development and evolution by making informed decisions.

iRO Experience

iRO CPA has more than 20 years of experience in public accounting. The great involvement and dedication of CPA Ramos in public accounting has resulted in the development of a versatile professional and therefore, has allowed him to achieve the following:
• Obtain a high level of experience providing different accounting services to several industries. This provides a great ability to plan, execute and supervise different types of engagements and assignments, in accounting, auditing, taxes and consulting.
• Maintain a high degree of professional competence and trust between its colleagues which have allowed joint ventures with other CPA’s firms in Puerto Rico and Florida, USA.
• Although currently CPA Ramos is dedicated to the Condominiums and HOA's, Developers and Contractors and Non-profit entities industries, his experience covers other industries such as: retirement plans, commercial printing, hospitals, manufacturing, retail sales, professional services, colleges and universities, HUD housing projects, among others.

Client Recommendation

“I met Iván Ramos in 2010, when as treasurer of the Board of Directors of the condominium in which I reside, we decided to contract his services to audit the accounting of the condominium.

Since then, Iván has collaborated with us in such important management, always providing us with a quality service in the audit of our annual financial reports. Thanks to his recommendations and advice, our condominium was able to overcome years of difficult economic situation, and today we find ourselves in a much more solid and stable position.

Knowledge, integrity, responsibility and high level of competitiveness are qualities that distinguish Iván. His honesty and humble personality make him easy to work and this is very valuable for any company that considers and decides to hire their services. Knowing the quality of its services from personal experience, and the professionalism with which he always performs and bases all his decisions, allow me to recommend him with full confidence for any work within the professional services of a CPA firm.“

- Irene González,
VP of Commercial Credit at a Mortgage Bank and Treasurer of Condominium The Towers

Joint Ventures and Affiliates

Due to the high degree of professional competence and reliability among its colleagues, the firm has participated in several joint ventures with other CPA firms in both Florida and Puerto Rico. Furthermore, iRO CPA has the direct support of the firm where its principal worked for 10 years, combining efforts and resources to be able to perform complex or industry-specific assignments. This means that iRO CPA has the capabilities of a medium-size firm when the engagement requires it. iRO CPA, is currently member of the following professional affiliations: